Private Customers

As part of the process of realizing the dream for the design of a private house / apartment or new business, a considerable portion of the budget and time needed to plan and design the house will be devoted to the cost of finishing materials such as: flooring, cladding, parquet, sanitary ware, doors, stone, carpentry work, kitchen, lighting and curtains.

In recent years, construction has made a great deal of progress, as has the constantly evolving and changing world of finishing. The price of finishing materials is a function of the desire of tenants to obtain the levels of prestige and quality they require and is also influenced by the coordinated choices made with the house’s architect or interior designer.

The cost of finishing materials is governed by the imagination and desires of each resident.  It is possible to choose prestigious finishes which impact on the overall cost or to make do with basic, functional finishes. The majority of people lack the time, the understanding and the knowledge required to construct a proper budget. In most cases, this results in a major overrun in the original budget and, as a result, compromises are made regarding the quality of finishing materials.

OZ Ltd. specializes in managing the purchase of all finishing materials for private customers who are building or renovating their homes and for businesses that are establishing new offices or want to renovate them.

The company team includes professionals specializing in the different types of materials and their suppliers and bring with them in-depth knowledge of the costs and quality of the different finishing materials available. This enables us to reduce prices quoted by suppliers by a sizable percentage or, alternatively, to obtain the same materials from another supplier whilst remaining within the customer’s budget and still meeting all required standards.

The company’s team is meticulous regarding its provision of high levels of service, personal attention and continuous and transparent communications with the customer through the use of a specialized and unique app.

OZ Ltd. works with many large projects which means that its purchasing power, which it places at your disposal, is provided as a service and offers added value to private customers at all stages of the project.

How it works?

  1. Meeting to discuss and review the plans for the house/apartment/office. Formulation of a Bill of Quantities and the development of a fixed budget that we will not deviate from.
  2. Characterization and specification of the quality of required materials available from the various suppliers and priced according to categories.
  3. Visit by the suppliers accompanied by the interior designer/architect and the provision of a price quote.  Following this, the company will examine the materials for their compliance with required Israeli standards and negotiations will be held with the suppliers.
  4. The company guarantees to provide the customer with alternatives of the same standards as the specific material but with a significantly smaller budget in line with the defined budget.
  5. The company will monitor actual work throughout the project’s life cycle during supply, implementation and final hand over stages.
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