Our services

Residential / urban renewal

We handle a variety of residential construction projects including for purchasing groups, TAMA 1 and TAMA 2, all the way to residential towers and condominium complexes.  In handling each project we are guided by the client’s budget requirements, specifications, and needs – in order to meet all finishing objectives while achieving optimal results in various finishing projects including kitchens, interior and exterior doors, bathroom appliances and so forth.

Commercial and office

OZ handles commercial real estate and office projects – cooperating closely with the architect and guided by the project’s branding vision.  We assure the most appropriate product level while staying within budget.  We are experienced in dealing directly with overseas suppliers of finishing products, thus we can import products that perfectly match the needs of any project.


Hotel projects typically consist of multiple specifications – for rooms, public spaces, swimming pools, fitness rooms and more.  We handle all aspects of finishing products for these areas, fully and with uncompromising standards.  We work closely with the hotel’s architects and interior designer, precisely adjusting to the ever-changing requirements of such projects while meeting all construction standards.  In implementing a project we pay close attention to finishing product specifications for different types of rooms, public spaces and so forth—identifying the requested product level and locating the most suitable suppliers at the optimal price.

Lobbies and public spaces

The first goal in selecting a public space is to create an impressive space that meets the design vision of the project’s architect while satisfying residents of the project.  We accompany the architect early on, already in the stage of product specification, and review all suppliers that are appropriate to the defined product level.  We are active partners in negotiating with suppliers in order to achieve the optimal price while cutting costs wherever possible.  If needed we can publicize a tender for suppliers in order to choose the best and most suitable offer.

External cladding

We implement projects involving the purchase of external cladding for buildings through tenders offered to suppliers of stone and marble.  Each project is implemented to match planned specifications and engineering-related considerations and instructions including for TAMA 1 and TAMA 2 projects.

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