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OZ Management and Supervision of finishing products was established with the purpose of offering its customers a comprehensive package of services in the field of finishing products, including purchasing and selection of the contractor, acquisition and management of customers’ change requests, combined with cost reduction, high product level and a extensive supply.

The use of a unique application enables the company to manage the process in such a way as to obtain the most suitable and varied specifications for each project meeting the budgetary target of the customer while maintaining the highest project level, all in full transparency.

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Our commitment

  • Significant financial savings
  • Full transparency
  • Meeting of objectives
  • Efficiency in performance and results
  • Team of advisors with experience in diverse projects and industries
  • Maximal product level and quality
  • Dependable work ethic and strictly professional considerations in selection of products and suppliers
  • Partners on the road

The method

Our services

With a rich experience of more than a decade in the field of finishing products and finishing products suppliers, we offer a full range of accompaniment and consultancy services based on the implementation of professional methodologies, in full compliance with our customers’ needs, in the fields of:

  • Residential / urban renewal
  • Commerce and offices
  • Hotels
  • Lobbies and public spaces
  • External cladding

We specialize in a variety of finished products:

Floorings | Coverings | Sanitary ware | Bathroom Cabinets | Interior and exterior doors | Kitchens

The work method

Detailed presentation of the steps from A to finish

1. Introductory meeting and analysis of the project

Our first meeting is dedicated to getting to know each other and learning. We will give you a detailed presentation of the range of services we can offer for your project and our complete solution for finishing products.
We will listen and learn about your project characterization, its location, how it is positioned, who is the target clientele, until we have a full picture and a complete understanding of the needs and expectations as presented to us.

2. Data processing and specification learning

We will review in depth the sales details and the marketing materials, process the data and conduct a feasibility study of the characterization and needs vis-à-vis the budget and timetable.
At the end of this step we will draw together a bill of materials for the project, to be used as an initial indication for the total cost of the finishing products for the project.

3. Distribution to suppliers and acceptance of proposals

We will send the bill of material to several leading suppliers in the field, found suitable for the needs of the project.
Once the suppliers have received the plans, the products' specifications and the required prices, we will visit together the suppliers in order to attend the presentations prepared, examine the supply of each of the suppliers, while conducting preliminary negotiations with the supplier on prices and the proposed package.

4. Receiving the final bids and choosing suppliers

We will summarize the price quotations received from each supplier, including full product specifications, and conduct final negotiations until the desired and suitable product range as well as the required price level for the project are reached.
Together will we decide and select the suitable suppliers for the project.

5. Production of marketing brochures

Our company coordinates the whole production process of the marketing brochures delivered to tenants.
We accompany the brochures' production process for each supplier, to our and your full satisfaction. In addition we will prepare upgrade packages to be added to the marketing brochures.

6. Customers' change requests

As part of the services package we provide, we will make available to the project a customer change requests manager who will help the customers realize their dreams and convert the needs into execution plans.

Have we already said transparency?

The application is available to our clients at any time and in any place, and is updated in real-time, and with complete transparency for the customers throughout the project. This method changes the project from good to excellent.

With one click all the project updates are on your mobile!

At any given time, you can get an indication of where the project stands relative to the timetable and milestones set. 
Documents, programs and files – all within your grasp.

Common questions

We are here to help! Did not find an answer to your question? Visit our Facebook page or contact us via our contact form and we will be happy to reply

OZ provides solutions to projects countrywide, including the presence of our representative at characterization meetings at the customer offices and visit to various sites located throughout the country, in order to ensure that the requirements and guidelines of the developer or the customer are implemented in practice by the execution suppliers and contractors. In addition, we are prepared to provide services for a variety of projects abroad.

It is possible to save about 20% of the cost of the finishing products, thanks to a thorough characterization of the project and a thorough process of defining the product specifications vis-à-vis the various finishing suppliers, activities that we perform. To this we can add our experience and knowledge that make us feel at home during the negotiations with the finishing products suppliers, and result in maximum savings, without compromising on the level of the finishing products.

In principle, OZ offers its services from the preliminary and initial stages of the project, including the specification of the finishing products for the project against the requirements of the project and the budget – prior to entering the contractors’ tender and until the final stages of selecting finishing products for the public areas of the project, together with the customers’ change requests that we manage for customers such as real estate entrepreneurs.  However, our services can be used at any stage of the project.

OZ has extensive experience in finishing products and is involved in a variety of successful projects. We serve our clients as professional external buyers and as a such we have acquired comprehensive and deep knowledge of the field.

The OZ team comes from the professional worlds of the various finishing vendors and speaks their language. Our accumulated advantage is put into service for the benefit of our customers.

Once we shook hands and set out to achieve your project goals, we are the purchaser and the external purchasing manager that works for you, for your benefit and in your behalf. Every progress and milestone achieved throughout the process is communicated and reported directly to you in full cooperation and transparency.

What our clients say about us

Our clients include:

Developers ● Purchasing groups ● Management and supervision companies ● Building contractors

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